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Логотип Wosb
Screenshots of ships
50+ ships divided into classes and rates, each of which has its own use. Take the helm of a schooner, brig, galleon, ketch, corvette, cutter, junk, tartan, barque, galley, galleon and ship of the line.
Boundless open world
Explore the vast Archipelago, the Endless Sea, and the many cities within, each with its own economy and belonging to one of the factions that are vying for supremacy over the sea. One can also gain a reputation not only as a swashbuckler, but also glorify their name as a merchant.
Game art
How can one miss such beauty? All arts depict the ships from the game
Adventure and battle
Under your leadership, the ship’s sizeable crew will work harmoniously - loading cannons, rigging sails, and bringing victories in boarding. You can not only take risks in battles, but also calmly sail the seas, although there are also difficulties of the era - ambushes, diseases, spoiling goods, and weather conditions
Moments to remember
In the game you can encounter the most varied situations which unfold in already familiar places. What are the intentions of a passing ship with black flags? What awaits you behind that cliff? What's in that player's hold, and how is his ship equipped? Will he be able to fight back or disappear beyond the horizon?
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