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Open world and economy
Not only combat and piracy are beneficial - the game has an economy based on the production of goods and trade between players and ports. Therefore, some will earn a reputation from robbery, and some will glorify their name as a merchant.
Are you ready for some serious challenges? Join guilds to take control of ports together with allies and gain dominance at sea. It won't be easy, but incredibly exciting.

In every battle under your leadership, the ship's huge crew will work together for victory. Battles can take place both in the open world and in team PvP and PvE modes - arenas, treasure maps. And all the gathered resources can be put to use in manufacturing improved equipment and ships. Craft new pieces of equipment, create a unique configuration for your ship. To slow down the enemy ship and make it less agile, use chain shot to fire at their rigging. Don't like the size of the enemy ship's crew? Give the order to fire a volley of grape shot, then finish off the ship with round shot or board them.

Sea travel
You can always just relax, and despite the harshness of life at sea, enjoy the scenery that the game creates. The development process in this vein will not require a lot of time

Screenshots from the online game World Of Sea Battle

Large selection of sailing ships at the shipyard
Despite the division by rates, all ships have their strengths and weaknesses, and are divided into classes - merchant, combat, privateer and siege, which make it so even the high rates will not have an absolute advantage

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