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Or download archive:Mirror 1 |Mirror 2|for Linux

By installing the game you agree toTerms and Conditionsand certify that you are over 12 years of age.


The project is at the testing stage and is constantly being improved. It may contain bugs and change in the future. Nothing is required of you - the game is free. 


Video about the game from the community:


System requirements

OS:Windows / Linux (works via PortProton and WineHQ)

The amount of RAM:At least 2 GB

stableInternet connection

Hard disk space:500 MB


Minimum quality

Dual-core processor over 1.6 Ghz
The amount of video memory from 1 GB.


High quality

Dual-core processor over 2.8 Ghz
The amount of video memory from 2 GB.

*On video cardsAMD RXthe game is not supported due to a driver issue

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