Large-scale online game about sailing ships!
Open free alpha-test

Open world!

A lot of regions full of adventures. Fight with the bloodthirsty NPC and other players - absolutefreedom of action. Rob and capture ships, to acquire useful findings. Changing the time of day and weather.

Try yourself as a trader or pirate


Collect a fortune in trade between ports, smuggling, find and sell resources, Rob other players, and join the manufacturing, along with others!


Arena mode

Path to glory - the ability to prove themselves in battle. Fight teams of any size, destroying enemy forts or fleet. In this mode, there are regular competitions and tournaments with valuable prizes.

Guild wars

Concentrate forces, develop policy, capture regions, to build and defend your FORTS!


A unique combat system and equipment

Arm your ship! A rich combat system allows you to use different strategies with the use of many types of medieval equipment: mortars, falconets, powder mines, incendiary mixtures, several lines of instruments and consumables.


Here you can craft items equipment for every taste and create a unique configuration of the ship. The decisive factor is proper equipment and the right strategy of warfare.

Develop and discover new


The game contains both historical and fictional ships, including those from popular movies and literature.


Fight with the strengths of his ship to win, hide the weak. All the ships in the game have their own flavor.

​The project is in the alpha stage of testing This means that it is still being finalized and may much to change in the future, but at this stage you may participate in development. Anything from you not required - the game is free

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